australian netlabel NEW LEAF INC has released a MESHMASS collection called 'september songs'. the release features 'indogsnagnautovic', 'flutterhat', 'instigated', 'laminant', 'spindly' and 'started off so well', all tracks recorded in september 2016 by aural witness. 'flutterhat' and 'spindly' are pure improviation, 'started off so well' includes parts of a saxophone improvisation from the series 'isolated churches' and the rest are 'typical' meshmass using preprepared parts in ableton live from the laptop with saxophone, guitar and keyboard-phone. the longest track is 15:48 and the shortest 1:17.
unbelievable but true, certain things have been happening to MESHMASS which might actually be considered favourable. among these, REBECCA ASKEW attended our regular weekly meshfest at meshmass world central and contributed vocals to a session that also featured the return of the stick - richard played the chapman stick again with the mass for the first time since he destroyed one of the 1950's tannoys we used to monitor through. now we use headphones, so it's fairly safe - if confusing to singers, it transpires. REBECCA struggled womanfully with the unfamiliar conditions and process, she was i think perfectly shocked by the contributions of the machine and we all suffered a full gamut of inexplicable technical difficulties. nevertheless we emerged at the other end with just over an hour of new MESHMASS, one piece featuring a soulful vocal and another few with strange grunts and squeaks, which to be honest were mostly me. NEXT, i suppose, is the acceptance and release of a selection of pieces from september 2016 by the Australian netlable NEW LEAF INC, which will be turned loose into the world through their bandcamp site: Meshmass "September Songs" / April 10th - NLI004. we recommend it to you - it's wonderful, of course. and not content with that (for when have we ever been content?) MESHMASS were played on the BBC, the beloved programme 'LATE JUNCTION' played the improvised duet 'OH MOTHER', and despite all that the world has not ended.
januarymass 2017 MESHMASS have posted various things in various places, and some things even TO places. on Bandcamp we put up a compilation of odd bits we found lying around and also a random month just to show what a random month looks like. we also sent out the wonderful JANUARYMASS 2017 to our eager subscribers, 2 hours and 33 minutes of MESHMASS, carefully grade and sliced. Pieces range from 1 minute to 14 and a half minutes long, there are at least 7 duets among the 22 and there is one vocal. it is a foolish vocal, but there we are, that is the best we can do. these are the first pieces of a new year, our 7th, I should think. we struggle ceaselessly with the mass, trying to reduce and contain its ever-expanding girth, the sheer heft of it, its massive inertial thrust gathering all the music in the world into one horrible slurry. so we hacked and sliced, we chopped, we even burned, we cropped and stripped and shredded and impaled on spikes all manner of things, all sorts of beats and slices and yet januarymass still stretches like the boundless ocean, far out of sight, and the tide my friends is coming in. more mass. more shifting, omniversal mass, more involved repeatings, more bleats and blurs. always more and worse: the eternal motto of culture. mass is like culture, yes, it is a culture, a growth, like that other c word. uncontrolled growth, endless multiplication. here are your doses. smile.
well ! meshmass played the 'spirit of gravity' at the green door store in brighton, englistan, last night (thursday). by the time i had driven the 7 or so miles to this distant and romantic location it was possible to see through the windscreen of the little white van, something which had been rendered if not impossible then at least unlikely by a combination of frost and condensation. even my electrically powered driver's door window was frozen shut. windscreen wipers had no effect on the tiny crystals which had formed in an impenetrable sheet over the road ahead view, but i succeeded in scraping a little slot through which to peer and proceeded with a certain degree of caution (naturally, a degree or two below freezing.) it was warmer, or at least less frosty in brighton, where i had the usual excitements about parking, but promoter geoff reader kindly informed me that there was a parking permit behind the bar which i exchanged for my driving license. richard was already set up before i got there and a table and chair had been prepared for me, so i set up the laptop and then discovered that i had forgotten the mouse. after a minute or two i realised that i could not operate the computer without a mouse as i had disabled the touchpad 'pointing device' due to that fact that i kept doing unexpected things by touching it accidentally with my wrists, and i could not work out how to switch it on again without a mouse. geoff reader tried to help us and we were partway through examining the contents of the windows control panel - ho ho - when once again the staff at the spirit of gravity/green door store came to my rescue by digging out a mouse from some back room and we were able to play. we started more or less as the doors opened and it turned out that we were going to be LOUD. it's a while since we played through a P.A., and the temptation to be LOUD was irresistible, resulting in a floor-wobbling and trouser-flapping inferno of distorted guitar, squealing saxophone and sub-human bass through which the outlines of some marimba samples could dimly be discerned. at one point the guitar became so loud that i felt there was a great wind behind us, blowing us forward. we played for about an hour and despite everything people seemed to rather like it - they're tough, these brightonians. so, many thanks to all those who came - i recognised dave tribe and chris parfitt at least among them, and we all hope to see you again in the not-too-distant future.

november is postponed until january.

due to some hideous blockage in the ancient pipes which we use to transport meshmass to the orifice the november 2016 release is not yet available to the world. SHAME! (i hear you cry) - and right you are, we are ashamed, ashamed and disgusted. mostly we are disgusted because we have had to use wire coathangers straightened and then bent into hooks to cut through hideous clouds, crusts and gobbets of dried, congealed and rotting meshmass encrusted in our tubes. dear lord, the stench! but anyway, that's christmas for you, we mustn't grumble, everything will turn out lovely, just ask boris. november is so startlingly overdue that it has become next year already and we are nearly 2 months behind. if the meshmass backs up any further here we will all be drowned, or something. latest research indicates that despite extensive efforts to burn and otherwise destroy excess meshmass november still weighs in at a thoroughly swollen 2 hours 35 minutes and is hot and painful to the touch. we have diverted teams of technicians towards solving this problem without apparent success, and what is more we have to play a gig, this one at 'the spirit of gravity' in brighton, somewhere under the station in something that resembles a disused sewer. and on a thursday, too, in the middle of winter. there is no mercy for us. but we do not deserve mercy, only contumely and novelty headgear. eager (nay, desperate) subscribers must wait. november is postponed.

august in october

Help, help, we are terribly late! The augustmass has not arrived in September, and all the little birds are a-twitter with amazement and chagrin. Or some sort of grin anyway. It is already October, and raining, and there is a hurricane on its way and we have not even sent out august yet. Heroic efforts by gangs of startled rodents, chewing desperately at the ancient mastertapes handed down through the generations have led to the new meshmass monthly clocking in at a mere 2 hours (or so). ‘praise be’, cry the poor porters and carrier pigs of the internet, whose thankless and entirely wage-free task it is to convey brimming barrels of meshmass over the invisible waves to your computer. But this will in the end avail them little – more meshmass is being prepared in bubbling vats and arising spontaneously in noisome pools. so do not fear, dear reader, meshmass is coming, enough meshmass for all..... more than enough! and this month we even remembered to include the lovely cover photograph we always promise and often forget.
desperately sprinting on our milipede legs towards the end of august we realise we have to release JULYMASS 2016 before the boiler explodes and huge gobbets of MESHMASS are deposited hither and yon. teams of carefully trained lunatics have been chiselling away at the piles of material we have accrued but despite our best efforts it seems that there will be no less (indeed, there will be very slightly more) than 3 hours of meshmass this month, for which we do not know whether to apologise or demand extra money - perhaps we will do both. in line with our policy of constant redefintion this monthly edition will include not less than a couple of pieces based on saxophone improvisations recorded in churches across sussex, england. i think of 'slow action in the science lounge' and 'translated from the gibberish' in particular, but there may even be others. i think the longest pieces are about 13 minutes and that there are 4 or 5 duets. there are 20 pieces in all. other innovations include richard's new guitar, a yamaha mg-k which features a 'sustainiac' pick-up and unlike most of his guitars is tuned in the 'standard' or 'spanish' style. peter is playing more tenor saxophone than before, mostly because he has got one he likes at last, a 'king marigaux' which was made by SML in paris, so now he plays SML soprano, alto and tenor saxes. the 'king marigaux' saxes are identical with SML gold medal mark 2's. meshmass are due to play the closing of sabine portela's exhiition of abstract canvasses at 3 fisher street, lewes, east sussex on saturday 3rd of september at about 7. we hope that next month's selection will be shorter (and easier to edit).